Airofit Pro 2.0

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With the Airofit PRO 2.0, the successor of the PRO 1.0, you are able to train your lungs even better and preciser. This way you get even more out of your performance! Airofit PRO 2.0 consists of an Airofit Respiratory Trainer and a Virtual Respiratory Coach in an interactive mobile app, with which you can train your breathing power, accessible lung capacity and anaerobic threshold. Increase the strength and flexibility of your respiratory muscles and lungs to get more energy, lower your stress levels and improve your sleep quality.

- Improved battery
- New 3-step measurement technique
- More precise sensor
- Splash Resistant
- Magnetic charging
- Training tips (still to come in app)

Increase physical performance by 8% within 8 weeks!


339,99 €
Transporte gratuito

Airofit Pro 2.0

Airofit Pro 2.0 is the succesor of the world's first truly smart respiratory training device the Airofit Pro. The Airofit Pro 2.0 is designed to improve people's physical performance, general well-being and overall health through guided breathing exercises. While the respiratory trainer offers adjustable resistance levels for smooth progression, the Airofit mobile app guides you throughout your training journey with personalized workout programs, regardless of your training goal.

How does Airofit Pro 2.0 work?

The Airofit Respiratory Trainer provides adjustable airflow resistance for your respiratory muscles. It measures your breathing volume and force and sends data to your Virtual Breathing Coach on your smartphone. Airofit is designed to be used separately from training and other physical activities. This means that you can use Airofit at any free moment - before bed, at work, after a sports session or whatever suits you best.

Compatible app that makes connection to your Airofit Pro 2.0 and acts like a virtual breathing coach work

The free Airofit mobile app acts as a virtual respiratory coach, giving you a personalized exercise program based on your selected area of focus. The app then takes into account your data, age, size and gender to tailor each training session. The app gives you live feedback and ensures that all exercises are performed correctly. Your workout data is stored in your account, giving you an overview of your workout progress over time. Airofit is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Strongen your breathing muscles to endure more

Like any other muscle group, your respiratory muscles respond to resistance training - and that's exactly what Airofit does. It's like taking your diaphragm with you to the gym. Because the diaphragm is a large but thin muscle, you can train it quite easily - just 5-10 minutes a day is enough to make it faster, stronger and more efficient.

As you begin to train the diaphragm, you will be able to breathe more deeply because your lungs will have more room to expand, your respiratory rate will drop, and with it, your heart rate. This will help build strength, endurance and efficiency of the respiratory system and extend the time before the Metabolic Reflex kicks in.

The stronger the muscles are, the less they fatigue and the more efficiently they work. This way, more energy can be used elsewhere in the body.

Use 1 out of 17 unique breathing exercises to increase lung capacity

Airofit collaborates with leading respiratory experts to develop different training sessions that focus on different areas of your breathing, such as increasing your accessible vital lung capacity, improving your respiratory muscle strength, promoting relaxation and much more.

Airofit Pro 2.0 is suitable for everyone

Airofit is suitable for everyone, from professional athletes to amateur athletes - anyone who is already out of breath when climbing stairs and anyone who suffers from lung problems such as asthma or COPD.

New features the Airofit Pro 2.0 offers comparing it to it's predecessor

Besides the 'simple lung test', that measures your accessible lung capacity, inhale strength and exhale strength in one step. There is a new 'advanced lung test', this test is divided into 3 steps, so you get a more precise measurement of your accessible lung capacity, inhale and exhale strength. Furthermore the measurement is more accurate thanks to it's new sensor that allows the device to process precise readings from your breathing training. The electronic unit is specially redesigned and manufactured to be splash (saliva) resistant, so that no errors or misconceptions occur during a breathing session. The Airofit Pro 2.0 is provided with a cable that can be plugged into computer or socket. Better durability calls for magnetic charging. Besides thath the battery life has been improved from 3-5 days to 4-7 day, which means less charging and more happy breathing. Last but not least a new tool called Trainig Tips is coming to the app. The Pro 2.0 will recognise certain variables and provides you training tips based on your performance.

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